Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We survived our first day of preschool! It was fun watching Esmé (29 months on Thursday) showing off her "school papers" afterward! And other than a few clingy moments when we first got to the daycare, I think it went as well as could be expected, even with a 5:30 a.m. wakeup!

So what HAS she been saying lately? Well, we get a lot of recitations of her day; what she's been doing and seeing and eating and all that. I even had a great phone conversation with her the other day as I was leaving work, even down to the "See you soon! Bye!" part.

We still deal with gender identification issues:

"I am a prince, and a princess boy, and a ballerina!"

"I not a baby, I am a princess little girl!"

"I am a boy. I ha' to put the door open!"

In response to "What makes you a boy?" "The sky!" Of course...

"I am a boy!" Pappa says, "Boys don't wear pink." "I AM a boy in a pink dress!"

"I am a girl AND a boy!"

Glad we're getting it all clarified. At least chivalry is not dead and boys ha' to put the doors open, still...

While playing in the play kitchen: "Do NOT eat the ice cream, Mommy! You must wait for the ice cream to get cooked!"

You know she's heard that one a lot from me. Though usually with pizza or cookies rather than ice cream.

Her bouncy castle developed a leak and was out of commission for a while. She was adamant that it was fine, though: "Bouncy castle is NOT broken; it's fixed and warm and dry and hungry!"

Of course - if it's all those things, it CAN'T be broken!

In addition to the "what clock is it?" wording, we get the "what old are you?" question. Especially after all the birthdays we've celebrated lately.

I'm trying not to be offended by the "Are you put your eye in the dirt?" question I got one morning after not bothering to wash my mascara off the night before. I mean, it's perfectly logical to put your face in the dirt, so it's a perfectly logical question.

After my first day at work last week, I picked Esmé up in town where she was with her Pappa. On the way home, I turned the radio down a little to catch the words she was singing. To the tune of "Draw Me Close to You," I caught, "Mommy's coming soon," over and over...

Sand pit play requires the two of us, though I often drag a book out in hopes that I'll get a small break during the course of the play. One afternoon, after sand tea and sand cakes, I ask if she'll play by herself so I can sit and read for a while.


I get out and and sit nearby. Esmé follows me after a few seconds. "What are you doing?" I ask.

"I am going to jump into your lap."

So I put my book aside. "Ready?"

"First I ha' to pull up my skirt. I ha' to roll up my sleeves." Tough job, that jumping into Mommy's lap...

And then she climbs up and we hug a bit as the book drops to the ground.


ShEiLa said...

I always wonder how kids come up with the funny things they do. It's just the world as they see it.

By the way...
Are you put your eye in the dirt?
hehehe! :)


what clock is it anyway???


Madeline said...

I love her little Esme-isms. Little one's sure can come up with some funny stuff.

Kori said...

I was wondering how the first days of work/pre-school were going for the both of you. I have sent up thoughts of strength and peace for a smooth transition for you.

richies said...

Don't you just love the way little minds work.

An Arkies Musings

Anonymous said...

Love Esme's Tiny Talk conversations and statements, especially as I can picture her saying some of them so seriously and sweetly as we saw her not too long ago. Especially miss the Esme hugs!!! Thanks for keeping us updated so well! Love & hugs
'Auntie' Susan

Rachel said...

I LOVE it - "Are you put your eye in the dirt" - that's awesome!!!

Toooo cute!