Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Randomness on a Nonrandom Day

If I follow the memes correctly, I should be saving up my randomness for Friday. But we're into making blogging faux pas here lately, so I'm not going to stress...

Esmé’s Mommy here, hijacking Esmé’s blog again. Not that you’d notice since I’ve been the one doing all these book reviews lately.

Just wanted to say hi, or maybe to procrastinate since I technically have no time to write, with all our stuff from Mozambique arriving any moment and my in-laws coming on Friday.

So, the bad news: alphabet school is officially on hold, since I’ve had to pack up most of our school stuff to make room for everything. I’ll still try to get some kind of “school” in… Besides, it will take me a month or so to get "F" adventures posted at the rate I'm going...

The good news: we have a new school/playhouse going up! A little 12’x16’ building with a loft in our yard. I can’t wait to get it set up! I am looking for schoolroom ideas, if any of you parents have schoolroom posts up that you’d like to share.

I also wanted to share that I AM HUNGRY! I’ve been doing the Weight Watchers thing since Saturday. I survived Saturday, but was ravenous Sunday morning, so ended up eating all my daily points by 11 a.m.! I sat through a birthday party that afternoon and survived all the way to Monday, when I went over my daily points by 12 noon. Now that I'm back at work in the morning, I suffer through hunger pains through the morning and feel a little better now in the evening. But I am SURE something is terribly wrong with my points calculations – it just isn’t right to be so hungry! That scale better have moved inches!

I recently got a comment from Butterfly Bob on an old post. When I wrote the post, I didn't expect him to ever see it, but I'm glad he ran across it. And looking back reminded me of how blogging used to be. Back in the days when I wrote because I felt inspired. (Or is that just the way I remember it?)

I feel too busy to be inspired lately. I know it's a faux pas to whine about lack of blogging inspiration on your blog, but that's the way it is. After two years of blogging, I'm entitled to some faux pas, the way I see it. I need some writing challenges, folks. Like the Scribbit contests that seem to be on hiatus but have inspired me to write creatively in the past.

And I know another faux pas is to change your blog theme or niche or whatever you want to call it - you're supposed to pick your spot and stay there. I think we've gone all over the place here at Mozi Esmé. From mommy blog to mission blog to toddler activity blog to book review blog to who knows where... I keep telling myself this is not a book review blog, but every time I see a review copy offer of a book I really want to read, I'm like a kid in a candy store - I just have to have it!

I'm not sure where this blog is headed right now. It looks like we are settling into Oregon, I'm working part-time in a consulting job indefinitely, Esmé is becoming one of the most brilliant toddlers I know (when she gets enough sleep) who will soon be able to take over her own blog, and I'm drowning in books.

So we'll keep going along in an unknown course on this blog. Isn't the suspense exciting? Thanks for coming on the ride! Gotta go...


ShEiLa said...

No wonder I feel at home when I visit your blog... I am all over the place too! Ü


Amanda said...

You're too funny!

Here's a link to our school room. It includes a before and after.

Ticia said...

Meh, my posts don't get up on the right days for the memes either. If I did, then all my posts would be on Friday, and that's not good.

sues2u2 said...

Whoops, I've committed all of the faux pas you've mentioned. So maybe if we do them together that makes it alright?

Weight Watchers - make sure you are getting snacks between meals. Trust me when I tell you you'll have tons more energy & won't be so hungry. Some type of protein & a veg or fruit works best.

Annette said...

Would some gum help?

Have you considered just doing your reviews over at Winning Readings? You know book lovers are there. You could rate them as winners or losers to keep with the them...haha! I want to review books, but decided I better not commit yet. Soon, though. I hope.

How's Oregon?