Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking Ahead

Esmé's Mommy here.

Life is spinning faster than I can keep up with! Yesterday was my 36th birthday, and there seem to be a lot of changes coming along with it...
  1. I have re-entered the working world, at least temporarily. Last week I started a consulting job at the nonprofit organization I used to work for before Mozambique. That should keep me busy 4 hours a day at least for the next month.
  2. I just won a Weight Watchers membership in an online giveaway! On my birthday, no less! I am very excited about getting started with that...
  3. My schedule is jam-packed with book tours on this blog for the next two months. So I am rushing to get all the reading done!
  4. Tomorrow Esmé starts daycare/preschool while I'm at work. My biggest worry is getting us all up and out the door in the morning. A friend of ours just re-opened her daycare after two years, so Esmé knows her well already and will be her first kid. It's a great setting, with bread-baking, tomatoes to pick, chickens, cats, and a bunny to hang out with, plus lots of fun and educational stuff to do. And it's quite close to my consulting job, too.
  5. Speaking of school, I'm convinced that homeschool is the way to go with Esmé - I suspect traditional school would only serve to hold her back. I know she's only just about 29 months right now, but at the rate she's going, she'll be handling kindergarten material when she's 3. Once she's mastered a skill, she loses interest and is on to the next thing. So I'm struggling to come up with a curriculum/set of activities that keeps her engaged and doesn't slow her down. (Don't remind me that she's just a kid and needs lots of playtime! She gets that!)
  6. Speaking of which, we've been on "F" adventures for a LOONG time - since the end of June! They are done; I just need a few moments between book reviews to get them documented and up on this blog. Then I can FINALLY focus on "G"! Though I need to come up with more creative things to do - science experiments; acting out history & Bible; etc. since she has totally mastered the colors and shapes and counting stuff and seems bored by it.
  7. Ouma and Oupa are coming from South Africa to visit for a month. They'll be here next week! And Auntie Ann from Cambodia will be around sometime this month, too.
  8. And our STUFF has made it to Portland from Mozambique! Still some paperwork and payments to get through before it gets here, but we sure hope it will be soon, since we need a bed for Ouma and Oupa to sleep in! And maybe a few seats to sit in. I don't think the bouncy castle will do it for them...
In the midst of all this, I am really wanting some time to just reflect and visit other blogs and come up with something profound to write on this blog. It's just not coming to me, though!

So please forgive the lack of profundity for the moment; I'll at least try to post photos regularly, and inspiration just might hit me one of these days. Or Esmé might start posting all by herself without any assistance from me.


ShEiLa said...

I knew something was up.

Back to work.

Congrats on the WW membership.
YOU probably don't have much to lose.

In Miss Esme's situation... you are probably right with the school thing. If they would test her in and advance her to the level maybe public school would work... but so many kids are held back today by curriculum restrictions and not leaving anyone behind... and boring the brilliant kids to tears.

Enjoy your visitors...
and everybody has moments... days weeks... when they just can't think of one thing to blog about. Take a break... it will come to you.


Annette said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I think you are a great mom and so good at finding balance! Esme is blessed to have you...and her new day care friend too. It sounds wonderful adn filled with life learning!

What a blessing to have so much family visiting from so far away!

grammy said...

Sounds like life is changing a little. It always does that. Even when you are 56. It's always new. She will love daycare. I just spent some time looking at your book blog (o:

Anne said...

Happy Birthday, you busy woman! Sounds like a lot, but manageable and fun, too! Oh! I forgot to tell you, we ended up going to Newport and Lincoln City - both were fantastic! :)

Keri said...

its nice to know that you are considering homeschool- i am in the same boat w/my almost 2 year old- i just think regular ed (unless she has fabulous teachers) will slow her down.... i do worry about socialization since my daughter LOVES to be with other kids.... but you really want your little one to be the best they can be and sometimes sitting in a classroom waiting for others to catch up doesn't help!

sues2u2 said...

1) How exciting! Have a great time.
2) Happy Birthday!! I was giggling just a little bit about the WW winning on your b-day though. Too funny.

3) You Can Do It!

4, 5, & 6) That preschool/daycare sounds awesome! Who wouldn't want to go spend some time w/ a special adult friend who lets you do such creative things? & Best wishes on homeschooling. Only you can tell what's best for your daughter. Esme looks like she gets lots of fun play/learning time. Besides, half of kindergarten is just play. Good luck w/ "G".

7 & 8) How fun to have such wonderful visitors. Your stuff finally arriving reminded me of waiting to get our stuff from the military after moving. Loved to see what treasures I'd forgotten. Enjoy the unpacking. (sorry to be so long winded. Why is it that I can do this on comments but not my own blog posts?)

Esme said...

Happy Birthday-enjoy some cake.

Wifey said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the new job! Enjoy and embrace life's changes as they come.

Winks & Smiles,

Brooke said...

congrats on the new job and happy belated birthday!!!

if you're starting weight watchers i'd highly recommend you looking into their "lose for good" campaign. :)

Ticia said...

Just pick something to teach and run with it. She'll learn no matter what. Maybe start looking at different animal or such themes

Deborah Ann said...

Hi, stopping in (from Splashin' Glory). Sounds like you're busy busy busy!

You're invited to join me:

While you're there, sign up for the game I'm hosting next week. There's a nice prize!

Madeline said...

Gosh, things are speeding up over there! But, before you know it you'll be settled into a routine. :)

Pamela said...

your stuff is JUST NOW arriving. That is awful.

Well, maybe it isn't... as I know my friends overseas often talk about the fact that GETTING it outweighs the snails pace. Some stuff just gets lost .. ahem.

Jennifer said...

Trying to catch up on some commenting before the big event comes... and I just wanted to say, take as long as you need on F, G, H, and I, because we are still on our first trip through J!!! :)