Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping School

Tot School

Last week wasn't a traditional alphabet school week, though we did get some "F" stuff in, like fire and frogs and flowers...

But that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything! Here are some very practical things I learned:

Always take a good book with you on a long road trip...

Rest areas have all kinds of entertaining things, like puddles of water after cleaning. And you can make footprints with wet feet!

If you're lucky, there is sand around the trees at the rest area. And you and your buddy can play in it!

Watering the dirt with my little flower watering pot is a great sensory experience, especially when it is hot!

Frogs are tiny and cute and like wet places. And it's easy for grown-ups to catch them, though I didn't quite get it myself.

Swimming pools are great fun! And it is possible to be cold in a swimming pool even when temperatures are sweltering and above 100F.

Shasta Lake serves the same cool-down purpose when you're on the boat.

Some flowers are poisonous. Even pink ones - can you believe it?!

Picking blackberries is a great way to learn about colors. A bit of a problem: green is my favorite color. For some reason, those blackberries don't taste so great.

Rocks make great puzzle pieces. Here I am putting a few together. For even more fun, smash a big rock and try to fit it back together!

I always play a better table tennis game when Pappa is helping me... Even if I'm a big girl and can do it all by myself now.

When sliding down little plastic slides, one must always watch out for black widow spiders.

Horseshoe pits make the greatest sandpiles

when you have a bucket and the right tools. They also make you very dirty.

But being dirty never hurt no one... Proved that to you this week, Mommy!

Panning for gold

is a nice cool way to spend a hot day.

On the other hand, tree houses are hot. You couldn't pay me to climb up in this one...

Sunglasses look very cool pushed up on your head. Especially when you've put them on upside down.

You wanna know the difference between stalactites and stalagmites? Uh... I don' know! But it was fun (and cool) checking them out at Lake Shasta Caverns.

A ferry ride to the caves and back is fun, too.

And that lake is kinda pretty, don'cha think? Did you know there are 13 towns under the water?

It's cool when you are on the boat on the lake. But it's not so cool when you are on the boat and it's not on the lake...

That's when you gotta drink a lot to stay hydrated.

I practiced smiling nicely for the camera.

And then I got annoyed with the paparazzi trying to take a photo of my dirty face...

Housekeeping in a tent is overrated. You'd think the small quarters would be easy to keep clean, but it doesn't work that way.

I learned to drive at Redding Mall.

I operated a fire truck, too. Woo-ooo-ooo-ooo!

And slid down a slide without having to check for black widows.

I practiced my somersaults. Gotta keep in shape for tumbling classes come fall...

And of course, I reinforced the fact that a popsicle and a swing are the remedies for just about any ailment.


Keri said...

you guys look like you had so much fun on your trip! the somersault picture is adorable! your pics make me want to head out on a road trip!

sheila said...

Beautiful narration in pics! Okay, but were you serious about the black widow spiders? Say it ain't so!

Kori said...

We found some of those frogs on our camping trip, too! And Owen wore his sunglasses upsaide down the whole way. He also got stung by something that made the entire left side of his face and neck swell up, including a big rhino-horn on his forehead; he was very brave when we had to try to get the stinger out, but he would not let me take a picture.

So glad to see your lovely pictures; it sounds like a great trip! WE only live a state away-maybe we should plan a half-way meet and campt together!

Ticia said...

Great trip and great narration! So amusing.

CristyLynn said...

What fun! Glad you had such a good time. We've had lots of life school around here, too. So much, that I haven't even had time to feel bad for not blogging about it! :)
I'm having fun finally catching up on some things with my blogging friends around the world!

Preschool Playbook said...

This is just adorable. It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun.

Amy said...

This looks like such a fun vacation. Thanks for reminding us of all the learning that even a long road trip can bring!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

What a fun week, and great pictures! I think I'd be careful about going outside at all if black widow spiders are around...wow!
Thanks for sharing!

jd6405 said...

What a super fun week!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Susana said...

This is such a fun post and looks like a great trip too! Glad you had such fun and from the looks of all the pictures you stayed busy too!

Kim said...

Great post. Looks like a fun vacation!

Nell said...

The little tiny frog just made me very. very happy.