Sunday, May 3, 2009

mmm-BELLY-may Days

Today's featured blog, mmm-BELLY-may Days, shares a rather humorous perspective of life as a single missionary in West Africa. It's not a dog blog, though it's got the dog photos. It's not in French, though you'll find lots of foreign language stuff there. It's not a cooking blog, though you'll learn of insulated grapefruit and evil eggplant.

What you will find in the middle of it all is God's story, as "Miss Nora" helps faciliate His story in another language. Enjoy this virtual journey into the workings of God in a strange and wonderful country.


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Somebody Loved said...

You have sparked my curiousity...
be back later to check it out.


angie said...

SOunds intriguing. I'll have to stop by! :)

just jamie said...

What a wonderful blog you sent me to. Thank you for the message.