Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Esmé (18 months) is adding lots of two-word phrases to her vocabulary. Her all-time favorite “button” sometimes now comes out as “belly button.” And “thank you” has finally made it on the list, though always said in a whisper.

Word order is always fun to figure out. Instead of “doll eat” when she wanted her doll to help eat her food, it came out “eat doll.”

Speaking of dolls, with the advent of Grandma, there are dolls all over the place. And Esmé needs to have every one of them with her all the time. At least if she realizes they are missing. The trick is to get her away from one spot before she sees the dolls she’s leaving behind. Otherwise you will hear “I doll” accompanied with cries . . .

It is so fun to watch her comprehend the natural order of things and anticipate the next steps. When Daddy washes his hands, Esmé comes running with a towel for him to dry off. When Mommy puts on her socks, Esmé brings a pair of shoes. Not always the right ones, of course. In her mind, the bigger the better, so Daddy’s shoes at size 13 are the BEST!

We were sneaking to bed at 12:30 a.m. with Esmé long sound asleep, we thought. As we were brushing our teeth in the bathroom, though, who should come in, toothbrush in hand, rubbing her eyes but ready to join the party?

Esmé LOVES to count. The numbers are all over the board, from 8 to 9 to 7 and back to 10.

She also continues to be super-orderly. After her bath one day, we asked Esmé to help clean up by taking her toys out of the bath, specifying each one. She identified them all and carefully stacked them in the corner of the bath. If one of the toys was larger than what she had already placed down, she picked up the previous toy, put the bigger one down, and then put the smaller one on top. All out of her own initiative!

She cleans up after her meals by wiping down her tray and carefully picking all the food off her tray and dumping it (in her lap most times . . .)

And she loves tasting certain foods, but doesn’t like the textures. So we get a lot of food spitting going on – eggs, cabbage, lettuce, green pepper, etc. The more fun to clean afterwards, of course!

Here's a photo of Esmé counting the stairs - all 18 of them!


grammy said...

She is a doll. This grammy has LOTS of dolls. I have a daycare toy room so they have a home. All the girls have been through various stages of doll love. Of course there is stroller love too. Sometimes I do hide those pesky little things.

[Somebody Loved] said...

Dollies are very important. If one ends up missing the world as we know it just might end. My niece Emlie teaches her dolls just like she is the Momma... she sings them songs, tucks them in, takes them places, she basically does for them like her Mommy does for her.
Little girls are so much fun.

[Somebody Loved] said...

i typed too fast... my niece is Emelie. Oops! Or Em for short.

Sandra said...

I just love your posts and this beautiful baby girl. She's just adorable.

Kori said...

Thank you for the encouragement/reassurance, even though you didn't know you were giving it. I have been slightly worried that my Owen is totally NOT into the number thing-one, two, nine, one..and colors. EVERYTHING to him is "lellow."

SarahHub said...

She is just beautiful!

I love that she whispers thank you!

Anonymous said...

She's growing and learning! I love her smile sitting on the steps!

Ann said...

She's a cutie!! Love the way little ones count...all over the place! So fun!!

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Sarah said...

She is just so gorgeous! And smart, too, apparently.

Heather of the EO said...

Okay. She's a little genius! 18 mos and counting the stairs! Seriously? she's so adorable too. You've got a little heart-breaker on your hands! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love the bathtub clean up- wow - i bet that is something to watch.

Up at midnight to brush teeth...my o my...party girl, huh?


Happy TTT!