Monday, August 4, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I REALLY need to watch my sarcasm. Esmé (16 months) somehow got a hold of her nose suction bulb and was smearing it with hand soap. I said, “Great, just put that soap up your nose.” Sure enough, she proceeded to put the soap directly up her nose.

Another time she had a bowl of salad and was dropping a few pieces of it on the floor. “Good job, honey, just dump the salad on the floor,” I told her. Once again she did as I told her. There went the whole bowl upside down on the floor.

I’ve been having to adjust the scale each morning when I get on, since it never seems to be right at zero. I know now why. This morning I watched Esmé carefully recalibrate zero (to what, I don’t know) and then step on the scale. What am I teaching this girl with my example?

I almost wish my baby had a security blanket or animal. Instead, she has a belly button switch. Get her in a stressful situation, and her finger goes to her belly button. Once it’s there, it’s almost like she zones out.

One sure way to get her frustrated – dress her in a full piece onesie with no openings to the belly . . .

And the new words go on. Ms. Cathrine, our empregada, tells me Esmé can count. She goes “1-2-3-4-8.” Not sure what happened to 5, 6, and 7. And I haven’t been able to get her to replicate the counting for ME.

She DOES sing a song that sounds an awful lot like the Alphabet song. I just can’t make out the letters yet.

You never know when new signs are going to appear. The only problem is I have to be around to interpret for her, since no one else gets them. She does “tree” and “smart,” now.

A few new favorite words:

  • Play – as in “Play with me NOW!”
  • Owie – as in “This food is hot and making me owie!”
  • Wool – as in “Really Woolly, my cool stuffed sheep, who I want to color purple with my markers.”
  • Star – as in “See those stars up there in the sky.”
And her first multi-word phrase: “Airplane up there.” Though it sounds more like “Uhpane up dey”

Ms. Cathrine and Ms. Mavis, who works at Esmé’s cousins’ house, taught Esmé a Zimbabwean “Smoking” song. I don’t know the words, but it involves clapping and smacking hands together with your partner. She loves that part. I’m trusting that she won’t be puffing on cigarettes anytime soon.
Here is Esmé with her good buddy, Really Woolly, now sporting purple teeth. Really Woolly, that is. Or maybe both of them. Esmé won't open up her mouth long enough for me to find out. Because she's got the little blue laptop mouse button in that mouth.


Pam said...

If you figure out how to control the sarcasm- you must share. Because hearing that sarcasm from your 4 year old- not so fun. I know she picks it up from me...yet it comes flying out my mouth still.

Ashlyn was a belly button girl! She would walk around pinching her belly button and one of her first words was belly! I still catch her playing with her belly button from time to time when she is stressed.

I wish Riley would pick up new words too. He is saying a bit more then before, but I wish he was talking a lot.

You have one cute little girl!

Amber said...

Yes they are little mimics! kaelin sings the "alphabet" song too...but all the letters sound like this: mee-mee,mee-mee,mee-mee-meeee"

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

So cute! I totally understand having to watch the sarcasm. My oldest daughter uses a little sarcasm now, and I can only blame myself.

forgetfulone said...

So sweet reading about your little one. My "little ones" are 12 now. I miss those days when everything was new! You also have a way with words.

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, She's a doll. The counting made me laugh. 5-7 are so overrated!

I remember when the sarcasm was taken as literal instruction. Oh to learn as quickly as the child!

God bless.

Tara R. said...

She really is adorable.

My whole family can't get through any conversation without some sarcastic remark. It is who we are. :D

Kelsey said...

She is just too cute!

kailani said...

That belly button thing is kind of funny. At least you know you'll never misplace it! LOL!

Suzie said...

Thats too funny. Well she is good at following directions isnt she

Marmarbug said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by to visit me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Esme is adorable....and I love the name. I first heard it when I was working in London for a summer. How exciting she gets to grow up in a totally different culture!!!

When my Z gets nervous or anxious, he lifts up his shirt and plays with his belly...ever time!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

We love Really Woolly at our house too!

I can't keep up with Ladybug's signing either! She learned a ton of new signs at Vacation Bible School last week - I was teaching the older kids to sign with the songs and LB learned a few too!

Love these kiddos!

Sandra said...

Oh I get the sarcasm, my kids are brilliant at it now, much to my dismay LOL

melanie said...

The sarcasm is funny because Hailey does what I tell her when I'm being sarcastic- but when I'm serious- that's a whole different story.

At least Esme wants to find her own belly button for comfort and not yours. Not that that has ever happened to me or anything.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL on the sarcasm. That is so funny :)

Love the belly button for comfort. THAT is a new one for sure. Mine have all had blankies!

Lis Garrett said...

Oh my. It might scare you when I tell you how much Esme reminds me of Bridget. In other words, WATCH OUT!

Esme is so precious, though!

Mekhismom said...

My son loves his belly button too. Like Esmé he gets frustrated if he cannot reach it.

Tari said...

glad to see i'm not the only one who taught toddlers to be sarcastic. :) my 8 year old learned to say at 3: "mom, that's sarcasm again." I'm much more control of myself now (sure i am).

angie said...

I have a sarcasm problem too. I'm hoping it makes them smart sarcastic adults. j/k. Was it wrong of me to laugh really loud when I read the sure way to frustrate Esme? :)