Monday, September 3, 2007

5 Months Old!

It feels like years since I started writing this blog, back when I was still a baby, but it has only been one month. I am five months old today! I am very big and weigh about 19 lbs. I probably won't grow as fast anymore now that Ouma is gone. I miss my Ouma!

Anyway, we checked to make sure that I can do all the developmentally appropriate things, and I am passing with flying colors. I can sit all by myself foreeeeever (until I try to reach something beside me). I can finally roll over. I've been standing for months now (with a very little bit of help). I can make "agoo" sounds. I could certainly eat a teething biscuit by myself with my two teeth if Mommy would let me. I can even pick up a raisin with my fingers!