Thursday, October 18, 2007

Walkin’ Thru My Yard

First we stop and smell the red roses. I try to eat them and touch the thorns, too. Then we count the coconuts in the coconut trees. There are 22 kajillion of them. We don't stand too close to the trees, 'cuz a coconut might drop on my head.

After that we kick some mangos with a karate kick. Then we count the mangos in the mango trees. There are 41 gadzillion.

We dip our feet into the pool and drip them dry. Sometimes we sit by the pool and listen to the wind. It blows wisps of my hair back and feels good.

If there are any black mulberries on our teeny tiny mulberry bush, I lick at them and Mommy eats them. We smell the lemon blossoms and break a lemon leaf and smell that too. Mommy would try to shake some out of the tree except they might drop on my head. We don't count the lemons.

We check out the little vegetable garden, which has watermelon, cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, watermelon, carrots, watermelon, maize, watermelon, green peppers, watermelon, eggplant, watermelon, cabbage, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, and watermelon. Oh, yeah, and watermelon, too. Our gardener has never gardened before, so it looks a little interesting, but we might still get something to eat out of it!

We say hello to Groban the dog in his cage. Then we check out the prickly fruit tree – the inside is kinda like a custard apple. We pick a couple of red chili peppers and I try to eat them. And we listen to the neighbor's mangos fall on the roof of our back building.

Finally we check out the magenta color of the bougainvillea bush and smell the frangipani flowers. Then we rest up on the front porch before heading back inside.