Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TV & Potty Training

I really like TV. When I'm watching my Baby Songs video, don't expect to get more than a glance from me if you come in the room. And if you get in the way of me and my TV, you will get a dirty glance. When my video is done, I still keep watching the TV screen hoping something will show up.

Mommy only lets me watch one video a day. Apparently some study showed that babies who watch TV, even educational TV like Baby Einstein, have slower cognitive development than babies who don't watch TV. Sounds like hogwash invented by someone who doesn't want babies to have any fun.

Cuz I know I develop really fast when the TV is on. Whenever the potty chair song comes on, I start trying to crawl to the potty. (Mommy here: Esme thinks the potty is in the TV.)

But Mommy told Daddy that she refuses to potty train me until I can walk. Daddy wanted to start the potty training a long time ago already. Guess I better hurry up and walk so we can all be happy.