Saturday, October 27, 2007

Drivin' to Boane

We went to a church dedication today at Boane. Daddy had a different truck without a back seat, so I got to sit in the front with my front-facing car seat for the very first time. It was AWESOME! Who knew there was so much to see when you're riding in the car?!

Everything was very green because of the recent rain. Mommy tried pointing out the purple jacaranda trees and orange kafferboom trees and other things, but there was just SO MUCH to look at! Trucks, and people on bicycles, and kids rolling tires, and chickens, and lots more.

The church was packed. Mr. Domingos was nice and got us front row seats at the dedication, but I was a little scared when the choir started singing and started crying. So Mommy took me outside where I hung out with my cousins and Christian, though I did go back inside for the children's story about Jesus calming the sea. Daddy said the sermon was very good, too. We didn't play "Pass the Baby" at this church.

I was so tired afterward that I slept the whole way home, even with all the sights to see. And then I kept sleeping on until about now.