Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hola from Mozambique!

I am FOUR months old today, and I think it's about time to get started blogging. Mommy will have to help me type, of course - I can hit the mouse pretty good (especially when Mommy's reading the online books too slow and I want to move to the next page), but my spelling is not so good yet.

So, where do I start? Well, who am I? We sing in the mirror every morning: "Who am I? I am Esme'. I am special to Jesus." I really like mirrors - sometimes they make me giggle. And then Mommy and Daddy giggle, too. Today Mommy and I had several giggle sessions; they were so much fun Mommy is going to add them to my daily checklist. We'll have to talk about the daily checklist later.

But I digress. Back to who I am. I was born April 3, 2007 at 1:06 a.m. in Roseburg, Oregon, and I weighed 7 lb 7 oz. My parents' names are Mommy and Daddy, and they are the BEST parents in the WORLD. (I have to say that, since I would have a hard time making a living right now if I got kicked out of the house.) They are also VERY OLD. Daddy just turned 38!

Just before I turned 6 weeks old, we got on a plane and started flying to South Africa. It was a LONG trip, but I did really well, and only one plane was delayed while Mommy changed my VERY POOPY diaper. She calls me a world class traveler.

After spending a few days with Daddy's family there, we flew to Maputo in Mozambique, where we live now. We are working with Maranatha on building 1,000 churches here, and I am the youngest worker. If you want to keep tabs on this project, check out Auntie Susan's blog.
And now, a lifetime later, I am much bigger. Last week at 16 weeks, I weighed 16 lb 12 oz (7.6 kg).

Well, I have lots more to say, but it is past my bedtime now, so check in again later!


ann said...

Wow, that was a loooong time ago Esmé! So glad that you didn't stop her blogging! I love your style and i think that your Mommy is a pretty super writer too! love you lotz!