Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Attitude

Other than a chapter from Life of Fred, a Bible story with an angel craft that somehow turned into an angel basket covered with feathers,


audio clips on Nineveh and Julius Caesar, and a couple of picture books read aloud to Snake,


we didn’t get to any of the school stuff planned for today.

A successful homeschooling day?  Yeah, I think so.

I crossed off most of the “weekly cleaning” tasks on my to do list.  Esmé kept busy mopping floors and washing windows.


We enjoyed a visit from a friend.

And the sun shone.  And flowers bloomed.  We picked some.  And they were beautiful.


There are days – when I print, and cut, and prepare all kinds of fun stuff.  And Esmé resists, or just dilly-dallies, and drives me plain crazy. 

I throw up my hands and walk away – to my computer – to drown in other people’s issues.  Or to wonder how on earth other bloggers manage to keep their homes and schools so organized and beautiful.

But not today.  Today is a Que Sera, Sera – Whatever Will Be, Will Be – kinda day.  I’m okay with it.

Success is all about the attitude.


Honey @ Sunflower Schoolhouse said...

I love that line - Success is all about the attitude.