Monday, February 13, 2012

God’s Wonderful World

I am pathetic at organizing field trips.  The fact is – with working in town most weekdays, I’m really not interested in leaving home on our homeschool days.  I just want to focus and get through the curriculum we’ve got before Esmé gets ahead of it and I have to skip her to the next level.  Esmé, of course, enjoys a few breaks, so I do need to snap out of that mindset from time to time.

Anyway, I blanked out on the topic of field trips, so asked Esmé what HER favorite was.  Immediate response – not a moment’s hesitation:  the pumpkin patch!  Her favorite part:  running through the mazes.
It seems like we shall need to make this a tradition.

Our pumpkin patch trips are already photographically documented – both last fall, and the year before.  And I shared the preschool pumpkin patch scavenger hunt printable we used.  So I’m not going to do it again.

But it did refresh my memory about another cone-focused scavenger hunt on a homeschool group hike to Twin Lakes last fall.  Very cool – we’ve hiked there before, but this time enjoyed the company and the “distraction” of looking for non-green plants, green animals, and “baby” hemlock cones, amongst other things on the scavenger list.

It’s interesting how most of our favorite field trips involve God’s natural world.

Since we haven’t posted photos of the Twin Lakes trip yet, here are a few…

We have arrived at our destination – one of the two, anyways:

Taking a well-deserved break:

Kodak moment with part of the group after lunch:

And some fine improv drama inspired by a little log shelter:

Field trips like this are just one of the many perks of living just outside a national forest in beautiful Oregon…