Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tot School: President's Day

Tot School

Let's see... We're up to Presidents' Day.  At this rate, we'll be celebrating the 4th of July by Christmas!

Our theme book was President's Day by Anne Rockwell.  It was alright, but I am REALLY looking forward to some ANIMAL books again!  (We used Itty-Bitty Bookworm curriculum.)

A few other supplementary books:
We made edible flags using graham crackers, cream cheese, red icing, and bluish fruit by the foot strips.  Here I am admiring mine before I ate it all up!

Then I wrote a letter to Mr. President.  Actually, I dictated it to Mommy and then signed it.  Cuz that's what a president would do, right?  I helped her put it in the envelope and mail it with all those mailing skills I learned the previous week.

For science, we poured hot sauce onto pennies, which have Abe Lincoln on them, by the way.  We let them sit for a little while.

I wiped the hot sauce on the pennies with a Qtip and cleaned Abe's face right up!  The pennies were VERY shiny when I was done...

I made an American flag!  Mommy cut out some red and blue foam pieces, and I glued them all on a white paper.  And I stuck star stickers all over the blue foam piece.  Now I'm seeing American flags all over the place - beautiful ones WAY up high.

I had Mommy work on some patterning.  I told her where to put the gold and silver stars in an alternating pattern.  I am a good teacher, cuz she did a good job!

I voted for the first time ever!  Mommy showed me how to mark the box for what I liked best.  I voted for cat (over dog), purple (over orange), and dress (over pants).  It's easy!  Why do I have to wait until I'm 18 to officially vote?

We looked at presidents on money (Mommy learned Franklin D. Roosevelt was on the dime), and then did some president coin rubbings with pencils, crayons, and paper.

We worked on our President flash cards and learned interesting facts.  The only problem was that Franklin D. Roosevelt's flashcard looks nothing like his face on the dime.

And we went through some famous US "objects" and made sure I knew the names of them all.

I put together a map puzzle of the US.

"J" was our letter of the week.  I actually glued all my J clipart very nicely on my J page!

And we went through our bulletin board stuff most days, too.

I practiced writing Js in my wipe-off book.

And I did some BEAUTIFUL watercolor painting on my easel.

Last but not least, we made white chocolate-covered pretzels with sprinkles.  Which I then proceeded to eat - just the chocolate part - and threw away the pretzels.  Yummy!


Susan-Chasing Marcus said...

My little one has a presidents placemat that she loves! I evernoted your post for next year. Thanks for all for all of the great ideas. Here is a link to our Presidents Day Activities this year:

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