Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WFMW - "E" Crafts

Wow - we are just whizzing through the alphabet here! This was the best week of all, because my name begins with "E!"

Mommy's note: I sometimes have stressed over whether these crafts are too structured or directed, but this week Esmé relieved me of that concern by taking over some of these projects! It is great to see her taking initiative and trying out different products!

Envelopes. Remember those cards I made in "C" week? I made matching envelopes this week. Glitter stickers, glitter glue, and my markers were all it took, with a tiny bit of help from Mommy on squeezing the glitter glue.

Etymology. OK, maybe this one is a stretch, but I found this alphabet confetti in Mommy's scrapbooking cupboard and wanted to sprinkle it. So we made a suncatcher with contact paper. Maybe this is how some words get created - just sprinkle those letters and see what words pop up!

Elephant. Mommy tried to help me make an elephant headdress, but I DON'T like anything on my head unless I decide to put it there myself. So this really didn't work for me.

Esmé. I have a beautiful name! And pink is my favorite color. Mommy printed my name out using WordArt and I added the colors and sparkles. If you write my name, I'll say it for you!

Esmé. Here is some more Esmé art - I colored myself!

Eat. We do this all the time! Here I am helping one of my bunnies eat! I LOVE feeding them!

Ears and Eyes. Mommy made a potato head using toothpicks, raisins for the eyes, a grape tomato for the nose, a pepper slice for the mouth, and apple slices for the ears. I can name all the parts. And I love eating eyes!

Earth. Mommy made a blue circle, and I painted the land on it with green poster paint.

Earthquake. I got to bounce on my BIG yellow ball and pretend it was an earthquake.

Eagle. Mommy cut out wings from index cards, and we tore up tissue paper and put it on the wings using double-sided tape. Then we taped the wings to a rubber ducky of mine, making it an eagle! I think there's a spiritual application there. Maybe the ducky has been doing some waiting?

Eel. Mommy tried to show me how to roll playdough to make this eel, but I had more fun breaking the playdough into pieces. Then I pulled out the pipe cleaners and wanted to add them to the project, so we pretended they were seaweed the eel was swimming through.

Eggs. Mommy rolled some balls out of playdough, and we made a nest for them. I liked to hide them in the green grass and then find them.

Eggplant. I got into the scrapbook cupboard and found a sticker to put on a blue scrap paper. I showed it to Mommy, and she was very proud of me, because I picked an "E" sticker - eggplant!

Egg Carton. This was our alltime favorite project this week! Mommy put tempera paint drops into each of the egg spots, and I got to mix the colors and paint away! For the full story, see today's Wordless Wednesday post.
**I know I should be giving people credit for most of these ideas, but I've picked them up all over the place so can't remember or figure out who. So if you feel you deserve the credit, let me know and I'll give it to you. Some key sites I've used:www.everythingpreschool.com
The Artful Parent blog
If you have a post or link related to "E" Activities for toddlers, link up here!


Simply Stork said...

love the day full of every little thing "e" so cute


Sandra said...

Love it :) Love how you do the alphabet crafts, that is such a neat idea.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of her getting messy! We tried crayons and stickers so far this week.

The crayons were a bit better than last time (ie I have no crayon marks on my carpet).

The stickers were so-so. They stuck to her hand and she didn't like that. But she did like looking at them on the page.

Happy Mommy said...

oooh egg cartons for paint thats a great idea! I alway use muffin tins but that looks great! You girl is just beautiful!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!! Your little girl is adorable!!! I will be back to visit your blog for sure!!

Jane said...

This brings back so many happy memories. Fantastic

Just Mom said...

I absolutely love all the projects you two do.

Stacey said...

Wow are you ambitious with crafts!! Love the egg carton idea! Too cute that she paints herself!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your little girl is sweet! The egg carton idea is brilliant - no mess!

The Broken man


African Kelli said...

Esme, I have to say, you are one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen. Tell me, is your name short for Esmeralda? I love the name Esme. Also, I love the name Elka. I'm blabbering -- hope you and your mama are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I love the alphabet ideas you have. When I start working on the alphabet in September (once the craziness of summer is over) I am going to be using lots of your ideas!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

You are sooo brave to let your 18 month old play with paints! I struggle with allowing my 4 year old to do that! :)

Andrea said...

I'm definitely trying that egg carton painting activity...Tate always wants to mix the paints, etc....but I never let him because do it in the actually paint containers....

Anonymous said...

gave you a shout out over at my blog this a.m. 7/31